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Henry Clark's clinic

We have respect for the interests of our clients and the evidence of it is a morden equipment, the latest systems of disinfection and sterilization, highly effective anesthesia, employment of the filling materials of the latest generation.  

Your plan for a treatment will be implement in the nearest time. Don't adjourn your life on tomorrow!  

In our clinic there is a constant system of discounts including a family season-ticket, a system of accumilation and also discount cards.

At last Henry Clark's dental clinic has invented how employ their clients during a treatment. A monitor which is before the eyes of a sitting let him keep an eye on a treatment of his own teeth with a help of on-line. The picture of his oral cavity appears on the monitor where a patiant can see all carious lesions of his teeth discovered by a special inneroscular video camera.

The first telephone call can say many about the level of our clinic. Our administrators can answer all your questions simply and skilled. But you can not waste your time on telephone calls and you'd better come us immediately. Our doctors advise you with pleasure free of charge and make an individuel plan of a treatment. We have respect for the interests of our clients.

In the clinic work the doctors with big experience of work, candidates of Medical Sciences, specialists of high degrees, taken a practical study abroad. A set of services offered by our clinic answeres all requirements of a modern stomatology and includes a complex prosthesis, orthodontic methods of treatment, cosmetic restoration of teeth, prophylaxis and treatment of parodontit.

In our clinic a special attention gives to sterility and prophylaxis of spreading of infectious diseases. The specialists work with the modern stomatological equipments of a high level with the systems "ANTISPEED" and "ANTIHEPATITE". It ensures safety for patients and also for doctors.

Let's talk about a beaty of teeth. A natural colour of teeth hasn't already suited many people and they want to have white teeth. If you want to have a snow-white smile all your life, our doctors will choose for you an individual cource of a professional bleaching which is absolutely harmless for your teeth.

A modern stomatology with its new technologies gives us an opportunity of a flawless smile. Tiresome chaps between teeth and darked old fillings can be easely removed with a help of a cosmetic restoration. In our clinic the best filling materials of the present time of the firms ZM and HERAEUS-KULZER are used answering all clinic requirements. The same can be made with the help of vinirs- thin ceramic strips. Vinirs let achieve absolute identity of shape and colour of a natural tooth. They are powerful before influence of time and colourings.

Many of you have already got acquainted with the diagnosis "sphenoidal defect" which affects a dental neck direct near a gum.From a distance they are invisible as they don't change in colour. But they let you know about themselves when they touch sour, hot and cold. In our clinic is used special made for this aim a fluit compositional material with increased module of elasticity and long discharge of fluorine.

A modern stomatology and also we are bent to refuse from metal completely and use only what is known as frameless ceramics. A lack of metal lets achieve a perfect colour range, all-out excludes an opportunity of becoming blue of a gum and allergic reactions. If a tooth destroys very hard and a splintage is necessary it will be better to resort to a dental crown on a gold alloy.

Highly skilled doctors-orthodonts correct disturbance of occlusion and also a position of separate teeth of any difficulty and at any age.

In our clinic we proceed to the problem of treatment of gum disease complexly including a use different kinds of operative interventions. Of course for a treatment of different dental diseases is necessary to diagnose correctly and in short time what is very difficult to do without up-to-date equipments.

We try to administer a course of treatment in a comfort conditions and for the shortest time. Our system of discounts includes a family season-ticket,accumulation system and all-in-all gives essential saving.

It's only a small part of our services offered in Henry Clark's dental clinic.You can acquaint yourselves with a full list of our services in the part "Prices for services

Henry Clark's dental clinic works with both individuals and corporate bodies. It is also a main clinic of a number of insurance companies such as "Reso Guarantee". In addition to it for all clients of insurance companies a free annual examination, a plan of treatment are made and also is given 15% allowance for a medical treatment and services which are not included into the insurance programme.

Our clinic has an opportunity to offer your collaborators annual stomatological attendance. In our clinic work the doctors with big experience, candidates of Medical science, specialists of high degrees, taken a practical study abroad. A complex of services offered by us answers all requirements of a modern stomatology.

Following medical services are included into the annual specialized stomatological attendance:

  • advices of a dentist-therepeutist, orthopedist, surgeon;
  • local anesthesia;
  • removal of a filling for a medical purpose;
  • dental treatment with using of light-calcified materials (Kerr, USA), (ZM, USA); with a use of components of chemical calcification (Kulzer, Germany);
  • filling of dental root canels with a help of gutta-perch pins(Germany);
  • X-ray investigation;
  • dental lacquering when a persthesia of a hard tooth tissues;
  • removal of tooth deposits in the region of all teeth 1 time in year (with a help of ultrasound, AIR FLOW);
  • dental extraction;
  • physiotherapeutic treatment.

The annual stomatological attendance costs 390 $. A cost of attendance can be regulated by both sides depending on a number of service persons.

A treatment of your collaborators can be done on a contractual basis and paid only for the actual rendered medical services in conformity with the functioning

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